Tired of asking yourself,

'Will my customers like this?'

I help passionate entrepreneurs create customer-centric websites, offerings, and marketing so their business can grow with ease.

Tired of asking yourself, 'Will my customers like this?'

I help passionate entrepreneurs create customer-centric websites, offerings, and marketing so their business can grow with ease.

When you know your customer, success follows.

But what does your customer actually want? What fears do they have about working with you? How can you gain their trust? And which of your ideas will they fall in love with?

To answer those questions, it's time to work with me.

  • Define Your Success

    Hop on a free, 1-hour discovery call with me and let's define where you are now. We'll dig deep into what has been working for you, what drives you, and what ideas you have that might seem too big to succeed. Even better, let's talk about where you want to be, because I know it's an awesome place.

  • Focus on Your Customer

    We'll work together to make sure your products/services are fully aligned with the needs and dreams of your customer. This might be working on your copy and content, it could be redesigning your website, or it could be creating a minimum viable product/service that you can launch ASAP.

  • Enjoy the Good Life

    When you understand your customer on a much deeper level, everything becomes easier. You'll increase your online conversions, create offerings that sell out, and write newsletters that delight your audience. Because when you focus on your customer, they'll follow you anywhere.

Hi, I'm Megan!
I'm here to help you grow your business with confidence, excitement, and ease.

I'm a neurodivergent customer experience designer. I used to run an e-commerce business, where I discovered I was really good at putting my customers’ needs first. This led to a 150% increase in sales after a rebrand to realign with my customer, a loyal following of fans who helped me grow a 150+ monthly subscription club, and a newsletter with a 62% open rate.

Now I help other businesses connect with their customers and build customer-centric websites and experiences. Because when customers feel seen and supported, they’re much more excited about hitting the ‘let’s chat’ or 'buy' button. And when business owners really know their customers, their websites perform better, they know what new product or service to build, and they stop struggling to write the ‘right’ content.

Learn more about my business story HERE.
Past (and now happy) clients
  • Kilani Paulik
    Kaleidoscope Risk Management

    Megan did a great job listening to my unfiltered thoughts on what my brand could be, and then turning that into actual concepts. Without her help, I would still be flailing around with color swatches and a font generator.

  • Serena Bishop Gordon
    Special Blend Gravel

    Working with Megan to ensure our site was providing the correct content, in the correct places, at the correct time, was an eye-opening journey. She not only helped me understand the value of the revisions, she walked me through her process and provided suggestions and examples of how we could improve it, resulting in a website focused on allowing us to reach our target customers and our goals.

  • Bekah Rottenberg
    Brave Endeavors

    Working with Megan was simply amazing! She was so thorough, conducted client interviews that I never would've had the guts to do, and broke things down into manageable chunks that I could chip away at. She is also an idea generating power house. No shortage of great ideas from Megan! If you're looking to spruce up your website, hire Megan today!

You know something could be better.

Let me help you build a customer-centric brand.

Together we could:

  • Get to know your customers so well, you could be besties (this happened to me)
  • Build your brand so deep and cohesive, it could be your customer's bestie
  • Design or redesign your website to tell your customer's story and convey all of your awesomeness
  • Write killer copy that resonates with your customers
  • Strategize ways to get your minimum viable product/service launched OR take your offering to the next level
  • Test your website, event, brand strategy, and more using insights from your customers
  • Assess product/service market fit, answering the question, 'Will your customers love what you've made them?'
I've worked with some amazing businesses